April 25, 2023 - Breaking Out of the Housing Trap - Grand Haven, Michigan

Norm Van Eeden Petersman
Norm Van Eeden Petersman
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Thanks for attending! I hope you found the presentation and the discussions to be of value. 

Supplementary Resources

2021 Ottawa County Housing Needs Assessment Update (more info here)


Top 5 Resources: 

  • Our self-imposed scarcity of nice places (article)
  • We regulate the wrong things (article)
  • What to do when your city won't listen to reason (article)
  • We can have both more housing and good urban form (article
  • Strong Towns 101 (Academy Course, free)

Incremental Development

  • Unleash the Swarm of Small Scale Development (e-book) and Office Hours Q&A  
  • Where did all the small developers go? (article)
  • Savor your small parcels and create more of them (article)
  • A new generation of town makers (article)
  • We need small homes (article)
  • Illustrating investment potential in your neighborhood (article)
  • Is gentle density enough? (article)
  • Lets infill a traditional neighborhood and make a profit (article)
  • Encouraging fine grained development (article)
  • Getting lean and the end of block development (article)
  • On beyond infill (article)

Municipal Government Action

  • Have you met this guy? (article)
  • If we're not going to maintain what we have, then why bother building anything new? (article
  • Give the people what they want (article)
  • Kick the tires on your local zoning code (article
  • You care about the subdivision regulations: you just don't know it (article)
  • Stop shoehorning suburbia into walkable places (article)
  • Why aren't parks open at night? (article)
  • Grand parks vs neighborhood parks (article)
  • 10 steps to fix your city (article)
  • If we don't maintain it, it will fall apart (article)
  • Orderly but dumb (article)
  • Small, simple, and flexible (article
  • Let them apply for variances (article)
  • Conversations with an engineer (article)
  • How zoning codes reinforce car dependency (article)
  • We regulate the wrong things (article)
  • What to do when your city won't listen to reason (article)

Traditional Development Pattern

  • Is this development out of scale? (article)
  • We can have both more housing and good urban form (article
  • Porches, walkability, and sustainability (article)
  • The party analogy (article
  • Neighborhoods were never meant to be unchanging (article
  • Movie set urbanism revisited (article)
  • Recipe for a remarkable neighborhood (article)
  • The catch 22 of retrofitting the suburbs (article)
  • Learning to love a humble neighborhood (article)
  • The living city vs the mechanical city (article)
  • The invisible hand that designed your city (article)
  • 3 Rochester neighborhoods and why they work (article)
  • Better towns through stress (article)
  • The value of old buildings (article)
  • Small spaces and secret passages (article)
  • Good enough urbanism (article)
  • Traditional development is not retro: it's timeless (article)
  • Our self-imposed scarcity of nice places (article)


  • There are problems the market can't solve: parking isn't one of them (article)
  • Stuck in Park (e-book)


  • 8 ways to be a better neighborhood (article)
  • The magic of tree lined streets (article)
  • Accidentally on purpose (article)

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Unleash the Swarm: Reviving Small-Scale Development in America’s Cities

It can be done. And it can scale.  

What if we had a class of semi-amateur developers 10 or 100 times larger than it is today? That would still mean that the vast majority of people aren't doing development themselves. But it would mean the potential for 10 to 100 times more small projects that are neighborhood-enriching and fill gaps.

Discover more by reading this fantastic e-book by Daniel Herriges, Senior Editor at Strong Towns, 


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