August 3, 2023 | Small Bets, Big Reward -- Campbell River, BC Presentation

Norm Van Eeden Petersman
Norm Van Eeden Petersman
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Thanks for coming to this event hosted by Strong Towns Campbell River. This group's origins were described in an article in the Campbell River Mirror and you can learn more about the Strong Towns Local Conversation program here


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If you'd like more info on the Strong Towns Approach, we have a lot of resources for you to check out here in our Action Lab Strong Towns Approach Summary

Why are walkable streets more economically productive? 

The real reason your city has no money

And what happens when we regulate the wrong things?

Event Recording

When it is available, the recording will be posted here and shared on YouTube. Check back soon. 


Presentation Slides

When it is available, the slides for the event will be posted here. Check back soon.


Event Handout

Download here


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