What Is the Process for Starting a Local Conversation?

John Pattison
John Pattison
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Here is an overview of how the Local Conversation process works:

What we ask of a new Local Conversation leader is that they meet at least one time with at least two other people, to talk about Strong Towns and how the Strong Towns approach can be used to make their town or city better. It's not even important that the other people have heard of Strong Towns, so long as they are a kindred spirit who shares your hopes for a stronger, more resilient community.

When that first meeting happens, let us know by emailing our community builder John Pattison at john@strongtowns.org. Because at that point we can help promote the new group in two ways:

  1. We will add your group to the Local Conversations map.
  2. We will send an email to everyone on our email list in your area to let them know a new group has started and how to get in touch with the organizers.

NEXT: Decide which platform you want to use to stay connected with others in your Local Conversation.


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