April 25, 2024 | Inhabit Conference - Strong Towns and Cities Decoded Pre-Conference Session

John Pattison
John Pattison
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Starting the Strong Towns Conversation


Articles by Tiffany Owens Reed (all)

Specifically: Hopeful Takeaways from Hosting the Bottom Up Revolution Podcast



9 Ways to Change an Elected Official’s Mind by John Reuter


10 Thing Every Elected Leader Should Know About Building Strong Towns


Local Motive Session – 10 Strong Towns Questions to Ask a Candidate for Local Office https://academy.strongtowns.org/p/lm-2022-candidate

Local Motive Session – How to Run for Office as a Strong Towns Advocate: https://academy.strongtowns.org/p/lm-2022-office 

Business As Usual is Bankrupting Our Cities


Engaging Local Governments Effectively


Ask the Hard Questions


Walk into City Hall


Make Real Change in Your City


What You’re Up Against – Have You Met This Guy?




You Don’t Have To Move To Live In A Better Place

Speak up where you live - Strong Towns Office Hours

How Do We Proceed When Local Officials Say Their Hands Are Tied



A small win is still a win

12 ideas that embody how Strong Towns advocates think

Want to Build Community on Your Street? Just Hit Print!

What to Do When Your City Won't Listen to Reason

3 Steps to Jumpstarting a Local Conversation Where You Live

How Do You Get Your Community to Care About the Budget?

Who Walks in the Unwalkable Places?

Ask Not What Your Community Can Do For You But What You Can Do For Your Community

You Can Help End the Epidemic Of Traffic Deaths in Your Community

How Far Would You Go To Make Your Community Safer?

A Loophole (in Delta, BC) Allowed Me To Flourish

You Don't Need a License To Walk (in Nanaimo, BC)

15 Years Ago, a Sacramento Dad-to-be Asked a Question


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