What Are Local Conversations?

John Pattison
John Pattison
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Local Conversations are groups of Strong Towns advocates and members who live in the same place, like a city or particular neighborhood, and meet to discuss how Strong Towns principles can make their place stronger.

Since we started Local Conversations in early 2018, our readers and members have created over 150 groups across the world. (You can see the complete map of all Local Conversations here.)

We believe Local Conversations are one of the most important elements of the Strong Towns Movement. And here’s why: At Strong Towns, we know you—not our staff—best understand your place and the areas in which it struggles.

You know the proposed road projects that could bankrupt future generations, the zoning code that pushes development to the edge of town, and the neighborhoods severely lacking in public investment. You—the citizen in the neighborhood observing where people struggle—know how to build a strong town.

And, at Strong Towns, we can help you transform those observations into neighborhood-boosting action by:

  • Walking with you step-by-step as you connect with others in your area to form a Local Conversation
  • Connecting you with one of our staff members who can share helpful resources and talk through challenges
  • Eventually sending an email to everyone on our mailing list who lives in your area, notifying them of the new group

The first step is easy (but meaningful): Fill out this simple form indicating your interest in starting a Local Conversation where you live. Strong Towns community builder John Pattison will be in touch from there to help guide you through the process.

Yes, the first step is simple—but don't underestimate how powerful it is. This is the first move in making your town or city stronger and more financially resilient, both now and for future generations.

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