Verbage to memorialize a design-related traffic death?

Sam Engsberg

Another day, another pedestrian hit and killed by car on a poorly designed street. This time, it was a well known librarian in Minneapolis near my old neighborhood where a highway ending ties to well-walked park area.

In chatting about the poor design on Reddit, someone brought up putting a 'F###Cars' (a anti-car popular subreddit) sign where the person was killed. I thought to myself, "F### cars means Nothing to the normal person, certainly not someone driving in a car", but also agreed with putting some sort of message out there, similar to the white bicycles mark a fatal cycling accident.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to memorialize traffic deaths and draw attention to the poor street design at sites like this. What I love about Strong Towns is the clear and non-partisan words used in the arguments for better design - I wanted to say something more productive and persuasive than "F### Cars". My sloganeering is a little rough around the edges, though.

Maybe something like a sign with "Enough traffic deaths - redesign this street" and some flowers near it.

Then again, maybe it's none of my business putting any sort of signage near a death site. Thoughts?



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