Strong Towns Is Hiring! Web and Graphic Designer

John Pattison

Strong Towns, a nationally recognized non-profit organization, is seeking a dynamic individual to manage and improve our website and lead graphic design projects.

The mission of Strong Towns is to replace America’s post-war pattern of development, the Suburban Experiment, with a pattern of development that is financially strong and resilient. We believe that change will happen when there is widespread awareness of the problem, and broad, bottom-up action led by local communities and individuals across the nation.

Our goals are wildly ambitious, but we’ve made meaningful progress:

  • Our influential media site reached nearly 2 million people in 2022 and is shaping the national conversation on growth, development, and the future of cities.

  • We have over 3,800 members worldwide, including at least one in each U.S. state.

We need someone to help improve and manage our website, as well as lead ongoing graphic design projects. This could be you if: 

  • You’re excited by the prospect of taking a concept and translating it into a visual format that speaks to a broad audience.

  • You’re not a computer engineer, but you know a thing or two about coding (especially CSS and Javascript) and are ready to learn more if needed.

  • You enjoy crafting the perfect layout for a webpage and understand the essentials of UI/UX design.

  • Working independently doesn’t faze you, but you also know the value of collaborating with teammates.

  • You’re motivated to be part of a nonpartisan nonprofit that helps people make their cities and towns more economically resilient.

  • You have some knowledge of SEO principles and experience working in Squarespace or similar website platforms.

This is a remote position open to anyone in the U.S. Our team collaborates digitally from locations around the country, and we get together 2–4 times per year for in-person staff retreats. We have content deadlines and occasional event-driven demands, but generally keep a flexible schedule. We are an equal opportunity, family-friendly organization. Our work is rewarding, and our organization is making a difference.

To learn more about this position, and about our hiring process, visit this link!



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