How can a high population density (developing) city like mumbai dream a car free life


Hi, I am an industrial engineering student with a huge interest in urban policies for sustainability. I love the entire strong town movement and have been following it for a quite a while now, however, I have a troubling question that leaves me in a conundrum-
I come from Mumbai, India which has a population density of 73000 per square mile, we don't have strict zoning requirements and so almost every street has a mix of housing in form of tall apartment complexes with the ground floor units as shops for businesses. These apartment's, though located on streets, have surprisingly a lot of parking(sometimes the new complexes have one parking per unit space available, so it's almost 200-300 parking spaces availability for a 25 storey complex with 3-4 towers; achieved in forms of mezzanine hydraulic parking or dedicating the initial 2-3 floors of the whole complex for parking spaces). So, if as an urban planner, how can one go about reducing the number of cars or possibly even declare streets as 'car- free' completely like the Dutch do. Would really like to get an insight on how car owners living on car free streets of the Netherlands go about the issue.



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