Historic "Preservation" but not Historic Districts

Ezra Schley

Currently, my city is going through a growth concept map public input and planning process. I went to an input session and planning to attend more. What I heard from folks attending was concern for development which they deemed "ugly". This is understandable, as this section of town has some cool, historic buildings that provide a sense of community/context/good feel. However, this area is not a designated historic district. Folks were hoping to make it a historic district - which in my view would decrease development and limit future housing. I think form-based code would work well here. But I am wondering what examples there are where historic buildings are protected, but not via a historic district. I think it is important to maintain these buildings but at the same time support development in the area. I don't think these buildings would be able to be designated on the register of historic places. Thanks for your help!   


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    Janice Manders Powell

    They could create an overlay district with architectural and reasonable preservation standards at the permit process. 


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