Suburbs/Exurbs - New Urbanism

Christopher Brawn

I’ve read about various attempts to create communities in suburbs and exurbs that reflect the community, non-auto based values, human scale, etc., but are there any particularly good examples of places where this has been done, in smaller new “subdivisions” of perhaps a few thousand people, in the shadow of a bigger city that has the amenities in place?  In my experience many of the new urbanist tendencies come across as tokenism in communities that are still largely tied to their cars by virtue of their engagement with the big city nearby in the absence of any real transit options and too far largely for walking or biking?  Love the theory but would love to see examples where others have made it work in a new construction situation where there isn’t an old existing main street to revitalize and not sufficient population to generally attract all of the usual commercial needs (but large enough to attract some).  Thanks!



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