Verdunity is hiring a Community Cultivator / Senior Planner

Charles Marohn


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    Kevin Shepherd

    Thanks for posting this, Chuck. We're currently looking for a sr planner and/or jr planner to help us with our version of comp/area/downtown plans and assist with our workshops, coaching, and outreach work (podcast, etc). Our version of planning is grounded in doing the math on land use and infrastructure costs first, boots on the ground engagement, and then implementation that prioritizes small development, tactical urbanism, and incremental, citizen-led improvements in neighborhoods. We're also continuing to do small site development and street redesign projects on the engineering side, so there are ops to cross over into some urban design work as well. If there are any planners on here who want to be part of helping communities put strong towns principles into practice, we'd love to chat! Job info at or people can email me directly at Go cultivate!


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