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Presentation to take to City Councils / City Planners?



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    Charles Marohn

    Welcome! Glad you found us.

    If you are talking about a presentation you can share, there are some options.

    For a quick introduction, the Not Just Bikes intro to Strong Towns video is great. The entire series is great, but that intro video is bite sized.

    There are also a recent-ish TEDx talk that is in that short format TED uses, as well as dozens of presentations that have been recorded over the years (here's a good one).

    We also made the Strong Towns 101 course on the Academy site ( a high level overview for people just getting to know Strong Towns. It's totally free and very sharable.

    Thank you for sharing our message with others. It is literally the most important thing people can do to make our cities stronger and more prosperous.

  • Eric Thompson

    One of my ideas for my city council is to film a walk to the nearest commercial zone, followed by the nearest grocery store (that sells meat and produce!), to demonstrate not just how time-consuming the endeavor is, but also how dangerous it is too. 30 minutes to the commercial zone, 30+ more to the store. And some arterial roads have no sidewalks 😬

    With some video editing magic I'll add some content and turn that into a presentation 😉


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