Self-insured municipality & bike lanes

Sarah Roy

Hi Strong Towns Friends! Hoping some of you can give me some advice. I watched this excellent webinar about the "Notorious" MUTCD by America Walks (

In the webinar, one of the panelists mentions that oftentimes, municipalities that are self-insured are more open to creating bike lanes on their streets. Would someone be able to explain to me why that is? Why does being self-insured make a town/city more likely to be comfortable with trying bike lanes? 

Our town (Fairfield, CT) is self-insured, and I'd like to be able to use this as a leveraging point for pushing for bike lanes. I know nothing about insurance, so I need a crash course on how to sell this.

Thanks in advance :-)



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    John Pattison


    This is John Pattison, the community builder for Strong Towns. I'm going to make sure me colleagues have seen this post. I don't understand why this would be -- why being self-insured makes a place more comfortable with bike lanes -- but maybe one of my coworkers does.



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