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Can Asheville, NC be improved or is govt too much of a problem?



  • Elaine Bearden 

    Urban3, AVL NC ...the people we work for are the countless families, business owners, taxpayers, senior citizens, children, and others whose destinies are linked to the long-term success -- or failure -- of the city where they live...

    Has affiliation with Strong Towns. 

    We have 6K mountains here, swaths of US National Forests, major Appalachian Mt Chain Headwatersheds on boths sides of Continental Divide; our First Peoples are Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation. Our geography, both human and Natural, and all which arises from disturbing planetary systems as humans do,is now formed by how we creatively choose to develop our ecology and environment in multidimensional uses: personal, local, regional, for instance. If you are willing to be a positive influence, happy to have you add to our ever-increasing numbers of emigres, as well as this opportunity to help: 

    You may find some adjustment to your arriving values could be beneficial to living co-operatively with how we are doing our best to proactively manage with outdated human systems, since we are already living here, too. 

  • Elaine Bearden

    Thank you for noticing the redirect on the county website:



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