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  • Rodney Rutherford

    Welcome, Roger! I'd like to invite you to also join, which is a coalition of Strong Towns advocates from across our state, supporting each other and identifying how the state can help our cities become stronger (more resilient, sustainable, etc.).

  • Charles Marohn

    Thank you, Roger. And second to what Rodney has added here -- great stuff going on and they would benefit from having you in their conversation.

  • Evan Bost

    You are doing the lord's work. Bravo on your new position and opportunity to improve the community for all.

  • Roger C Henderson

    Rodney Rutherford Thanks Rodney...I quickly took a look at (getting ready to leave tomorrow for a 10 week vacation in Europe) and it looks very interesting. I'll send the link to some of my city council colleagues as well. Thanks!

    Charles Marohn Thanks for the kind welcome. Good to be in a place where I have a chance to make some changes in our little town. Starting from the bottom up is the way to go.

    Evan Bost Thank you sir...that's my goal is to improve our little town, make it more welcoming, protect our urban forest, increase walkability/bikeability in our neighborhoods and start working on battling climate change. :-)


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