Caleb Jones

I recently listened to the Upzoned podcast discussing TxDOT's plans for I-345 in Dallas. I was excited to hear that Strong Towns was picking up on this news since I've been following the I-345 debate in Dallas for quite some time. However after the podcast, I felt the discussion didn't consider several items that have been in this debate. Some of those items & questions include: 

  • How does I-45 and US-75 terminate? 
  • TxDOT is also planning an expansion of I-30. How does this play into I-345 plans?
  • DART is planning a subway system that runs along a portion of I-345 and through downtown.
  • Carpenter Park recently opened up adjacent to I-345 which helps connect Downtown to Deep Ellum. 
  • If I-345 is replaced with a boulevard, will commuters from Dallas' south side be funneled to I-35 to get to the Dallas' north side? Will this cause more congestion on I-35 through downtown?  
  • SH 366 (Woodall Rogers) arguably showed that a canyon-like highway can tie neighborhoods together successful if properly planned. 

I'm interested to hear opinions on these thoughts and questions!



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