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Panelist List

  • Jennifer Griffin is an urban designer, an architect, and founding principal of J Griffin Design, LLC. She has worked throughout the US, Europe, and Central America on a variety of projects that range from small-scale renovations, to mixed-use urban infill projects, to regional scale master plans. Jennifer’s work is rooted in a deep understanding of the relationship between the built environment and human flourishing, striving to create spaces and places that support our capacity to live well in community with one another. Jennifer has served on faculty at multiple universities.
  • Brantley Tyndall is the Director of Bike Walk RVA, a bike and pedestrian program of Sports Backers that grows and leads the grassroots advocacy movement for safer streets in the Richmond, Virginia region. Bike Walk RVA focuses on dedicated active transportation infrastructure, policy changes, and developing an extensive advocacy base through training and empowerment.
  • Jordyn Taylor is the Coordinator for Policy and Administration at the Partnership for Smarter Growth in Richmond. She has studied Urban and Regional Planning at Virginia Commonwealth University. She became involved with this session due to her familiarity with the intersection and her interest in changing how it is designed. 
  • Tara FitzPatrick is the Safe Routes to School Coordinator at Greater Richmond Fit4Kids. She advocates for infrastructure necessary to make journeys by fit and bicycle safer within the city. She has lived in Richmond for over a decade and considers the VCU campus to be an integral part of the city.  
  • Edward Erfurt is the Director of Community Action at Strong Towns. He is a trained architect and passionate urban designer with over 20 years of public-sector and private-sector experience. Edward has a skilled eye when it comes to evaluating the safety issues posed by stroads, intersections, roads, and streets.

What additional information is included in the attachments? 

  • Richmond Crash Presentation - PDF version of the Powerpoint from session recording
  • A copy of the session's transcript 
  • A copy of the speed data information 

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