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Norm Van Eeden Petersman
Norm Van Eeden Petersman
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00:00 Introduction

00:25 What does it mean to speak up where you live?

4:30 What are some of the different ways to speak up?

12:05 How can I speak with confidence if I’m not an expert?

19:58 hat is the line for advocacy before it becomes a conflict of interest?

26:30 I’m shy about public speaking and want to join the conversation but finding it difficult!

31:40 a teaser on the Creators Program

38:05 I'm a parent - what are low time commitment options?

40:41 Anything that falls under state control is particularly difficult to work with. Any guidance for how to deal with that would be helpful?

45:35 Is there a free city-budgets 101 course?

49:03 Should you speak up in your community?


Recommended Reading

Referenced in the session

Strong Towns Toastmasters: strongtowns.org/toastmasters

Mobilizing Your Community to Become a Strong Town (Academy Course)

Local Motive Session: How to Talk to a Nimby

9 Ways to Change an Elected Officials Mind

What to do if your city won’t listen to reason? 

Deltans for People-Oriented Places - https://delpop.ca/election2022/ 




The Next Evolution of Public Hearings



About Office Hours

Our door is wide open once a week for Strong Towns members to come and discuss how to build resilience and prosperity in their communities. Each week will focus on a different topic with a member of the Strong Towns team. The tone is casual and conversational. Drop in late if you need to; you’ll be just as welcome.

Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET on Zoom

Submit your questions and ideas for topics in advance as you register, or ask them on the fly. Just so you know, pre-submitted questions and topics will be given priority during the conversation. 

Schedule & Registration Details Are Available Here

Can't attend? Catch the replay in Action Lab once it gets posted.


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