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Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris
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Panelist List

  • Don Kostelec has worked in the field of transportation planning and design for more than 20 years. This includes work in the public and private sector, with clients ranging from State DOTs to cities to nationwide non-profits. His specialty areas include Safe Systems design, Complete Streets, ADA compliance, and overall traffic safety. He is a host of The Planning Commission Podcast and a frequent contributor to national plannings and transportation news sites, such as Streetsblog. Don has a Master of Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Bachelor of Political Science and Journalism from Western Carolina University.
  • Danny Wind is a resident of the neighboring city, Lakeport. They are a student, motorcycle courier, and Strong Towns member. Danny has a deep interest in Lake County's community planning and the way people navigate the built environment. Danny nominated this crash for Strong Towns to review. 
  • Thomas Aceves has been a passionate road cyclist for three decades and a resident of Nice for 15 years. He is committed to making change in his local community. Thomas is a Council Member on the Western Region Town Hall - or Municipal Advisory Committee - for Supervisor Crandell in the 3rd District of Lake County for over 3 years. He joined the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee over a year ago. Thomas volunteers with Vision of Hope Village and also regularly helps clean up debris and trash along roadways like The Niece-Cutoff.
  • Edward Erfurt is the Director of Community Action at Strong Towns. He is a trained architect and urban designer with over 20 years of public-sector and private-sector experience. Edward has a skilled eye when it comes to evaluating the safety issues posed by intersections, roads, and streets. 

What additional information is available? 

  • Nice Crash Presentation - PDF version of the Powerpoint from session recording
  • A copy of the session's transcript
  • A copy of the speed data information

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