I'm interested in writing for Strong Towns. How can I pitch a story?

Strong Towns Staff
Strong Towns Staff
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***We're not reviewing any new pitches until April 2024. In the meantime, please consider posting to our Reddit.***


We'd love to include your voice in our content, especially if you've got a unique perspective to share. Whether you've got a creative idea for addressing housing issues, a local streets story with national relevance, or a challenging municipal budget issue you'd like to discuss, we welcome your submission. 

Before you get started writing, please take a look at this simple list of criteria for articles on Strong Towns:

  • Must be directly connected to the Strong Towns mission, principles, and/or approach.

  • Must be accessible to a general audience (i.e., free of highly-technical jargon and written in a way that a non-professional could understand and find interesting).

  • Must be non-partisan.

  • Must not overtly promote a product or service.

  • Must be between 500 and 1800 words. (Longer pieces may be accepted, but would be broken into a multi-part series.)

To learn more about our writing criteria and policies, please review our style guide for guest writers before you begin writing.

We especially love hearing about the Strong Towns movement in action, so if you're a member of Strong Towns and you've been implementing our mission in your community, please tell us about it! Your community could end up being featured on our Success Stories page.

Contact our Editor in Chief, Shina Shayesteh, to discuss a story idea or submit an article. You can email her at shina@strongtowns.org.


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