Residential home values and speed of adjacent roads?

Rick Bosacker

I have found that campaigning to implement traffic calming measures is often met with resistence when approached from a safety and even a liveability perspective.  Money and the value of peoples biggest assets seems to be important though.  Is there any data to suggest that reducing residential speed increases property values?  I've seen the data on property values relative to parks, greenspace, and bike trails but not vehicle speed.  


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    Charles Marohn

    I've never come across data like that, and I doubt that it exists in any reliable way. That being said, what I do see everywhere is a corollary observation: When you have affluent neighborhoods, you tend to have safer and slower streets and (within the same general neighborhood) when you have poorer neighborhoods, the streets tend to be more aggressively designed.

    I'll also note that you rarely change minds in a situation like this with data or a better study. We have to change public perception of value and professional perception of where liability comes from.


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