Who is already doing things right?

steve gruber

In the last 8 years, I have lived in 7 different cities across America (I'm a high school science teacher), plus in rural western Massachusetts.  Is there a list of the top 10 towns where they are already doing the right things here in America?  I was in Phoenix for a year, but I know it's too much to ask for an American city bigger than about 100,000 people to do things right.  But maybe there is a part of Phoenix that I didn't see while I was there that is very livable?  I'm getting too old to keep moving, and I want to settle down and plant roots in a community and watch them grow.  I'm looking for something that already has a track record of becoming a strong town, even if it's just a few years old and even if it's still an uphill battle because the city and state that the town is in are not doing the right things.  
I tried to find some places by clicking around on strongtowns.org, but I haven't found it.  So I thought I'd just post this and ask directly.  Thank you.  SJG


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