Making the case against highway expansion

Norm Van Eeden Petersman
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Lou writes, "

We are in the midst of battling a proposed highway expansion through our town:  the Maine Turnpike Authority is proposing to build a 4-lane, toll-highway which they are calling the "Gorham Connector" but many of us opponents have taken to dubbing it the "Gorham Divider"...

I am hoping / asking for Strong Towns support to help me present the strongest case possible against the highway -- particularly regarding the economic development prospects.  I've been soaking up Strong Towns media on highway expansions and so I understand that there is enormous opportunity cost in terms of the potential property tax revenue lost from the land that the highway will remove from our tax base; and so, I am hoping that Strong Towns can help me identify as many real-life examples that prove this point and others, including the underwhelming economic development that we would expect to see if this highway were to be built...  In a 2022 Upzoned podcast (which I've listened to recently), Chuck & Abby referred to Patrick Kennedy having compiled some very compelling presentations regarding proposed highway expansions in Dallas -- Could you possibly share with me link(s) to some of his work?

A great summary of our content on highway expansions being ill-advised


Patrick Kennedy and the Dallas Freeway Battle



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