End Highway Expansion - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison
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Shreveport, Louisiana

"Fighting an Urban Highway Expansion in Shreveport"

Hear how local leaders in Louisiana are fighting the I-49 Connector, an urban highway expansion project that is threatening the vibrant, predominantly Black neighborhood of Allendale.

Series: The Economics of the I-49 Connector (Shreveport)

Part 1

Highway project proponents convert very small amounts of time savings into cash equivalents to show all the benefit a project is creating. In the case of the I49 connector, it barely even passes this phony test.

Part 2

The probability of the I-49 Inner City Connector creating 30,600 new jobs that would not have simply occurred somewhere else, or are just being shifted from one now blighted place to the study area, is precisely zero.

Part 3

Shreveport is overwhelmed—except for a short period of time in a limited space—with excess auto capacity, yet the I-49 Connector economic impact report cites a study of French cities to suggest more capacity is needed. C’est pas vrai.

Austin, Texas

"Strong Towns on CNN: Going 'Big' on Road Projects Won't Fix American Cities"

The new infrastructure bill will have big goals. But big new road projects won’t actually help us meet those goals.

"A $7.5 Billion Boondoggle Advances in Austin"

The State of Texas is prepared to fully fund a massive freeway widening project through the heart of Austin. Have we learned nothing? (Answer: apparently not.)

"A Better I-35"

Austin needs to demand a better I-35, where the health and well-being of our neighborhoods and communities are prioritized just as much as long distance vehicle trips.

Other Case Studies & Examples

"The Fight For #NoNewRoads Is Alive and Well in Washington State"

Veteran advocates for a sane and financially sustainable transportation policy in Washington State see a chance to turn crisis into opportunity. And they're hoping to get state leaders to see it too.

"The Bottom-Up Revolution is...Residents Fighting Back Against a Highway Project"

One vision is for a place where people can walk, bike, and spend time (and dollars at local businesses). The other is for a busy road expansion that will move a lot of traffic. Hear how two Strong Towns advocates are fighting the good fight in Erie, Pennsylvania.

"Still Pursuing Classic Approaches. Still Going Nowhere."

While new transportation funding is needed, more money without significant reform is worse than no funding at all. We need to continue to oppose all of these funding efforts until serious reform is on the table.

"#NoNewRoads in Wisconsin"

In this presentation from our 2017 Summit in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ashwat Anandanarayanan discusses his organization's work to fight expensive and wasteful highway projects using legal action and community organizing.


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