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John Pattison
John Pattison
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"Just Say No"

If you want to be a Strong Town, your community must redirect its energy to things that will make it financially better off and more prosperous.

"#NoNewRoads Gains Traction in DC"

Until America gets its infrastructure priorities straight, the last thing we need is to pump more spending into a broken system. 2019 felt like a breakthrough year for our call for #NoNewRoads, one in which we had more influential allies and receptive ears on this point than ever before.

"A Better Use of Federal Infrastructure Spending" (Podcast)

Federal politicians are paving the way for a massive infrastructure spending bill meant to stimulate the economy. Two engineering professors talk about why that approach hasn’t worked in the past, and whyrealeconomic stimulus must include #NoNewRoads.

"Still Pursuing Classic Approaches. Still Going Nowhere."

While new transportation funding is needed, more money without significant reform is worse than no funding at all. We need to continue to oppose all of these funding efforts until serious reform is on the table.

"2 Reasons Why the American Approach to Congestion is Totally Wrong"

Congestion isn’t a problem and road expansion isn’t a solution.

"Why Urban Freeway Expansion Is Futile"

The models used by highway engineers to analyze traffic congestion are woefully inaccurate and result in the creation of lanes and roads we don't need.

How to Remove a Highway

This video by City Beautiful profiles some highways that have been filled in during recent years. City Beautiful also points out how certain factors make it easier to take down highways and turn them into more productive, right-sized roadways. 


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