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Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris
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Panelist List 

  • Melany Alliston is Toole Design’s Civil Engineering Practice Director, based in Pittsburgh, PA. Melany is a project manager and civil engineer with more than three decades of experience in civil infrastructure projects, primarily in the northeastern United States. Her experience includes working with state departments of transportation, local governments, developers, and metropolitan planning organizations. She guides the design of safer, people-centered streets in a wide variety of contexts. Melany holds a Master of Science in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering from George Mason University. This is Melany’s second studio with us as a civil engineering expert.
  • Dario Gonzalez is a traffic engineer living in Huntsville and working on projects throughout Alabama and nearby states. His work encompasses many tasks related to sustainable infrastructure design, roadway safety, and efficient movement of people and goods. He advocates for greater accessibility, safe travel for pedestrians and bicyclists, and wants his girls to explore the city by bicycle.
  • Ben Payment is a native originally from South Huntsville, who moved away for college and a couple jobs before returning over 10 years ago and has been advocating for bicycles and bicycle infrastructure in Huntsville ever since. He's been a member of Huntsville Bicycle Advisory and Safety Committee (BASC) since 2016, co-founder and board member of Huntsville Urban Bike Share Coop (HUBS Coop), and past board member to the Land Trust of North Alabama who has partnered with the City of Huntsville to build greenways and green links. Ben is also the founder of the very-popular, slow-cycle, group Bikes & Brews which encourages cycling downtown through group rides to fun coffee shops and breweries.
  • Edward Erfurt is the Director of Community Action at Strong Towns. He is a trained architect and passionate urban designer with over 20 years of public-sector and private-sector experience. Edward has a skilled eye when it comes to evaluating the safety issues posed by stroads, intersections, roads, and streets.

What additional information is included in the attachments? 

  • Huntsville Crash Presentation - PDF version of the Powerpoint from session recording
  • A copy of the session’s transcript
  • A copy of the speed data information

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