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Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris
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Location Description

South Goodman Street and its intersection with Park Avenue in Rochester, New York is representative of development patterns within the surrounding area. Though you can see multiple retail developments and restaurants in the area, the crash location is also surrounded by neighborhoods. The intersection is just north New York State Route 31 and Interstate 490; these larger roadways facilitate access in and out of the surrounding communities such as Cobbs Hill and South Wedge. Though the street networks are laid out in grids, block sizes seem to vary significantly in the area immediately surrounding the collision location.

Crash Summary

  • The crash happened at this intersection at 5:51 p.m. on Thursday, December 22, 2022. 
  • A motorist named Master Bevel struck Edgar Santa Cruz, who was walking westbound with his dog crossing the south side of Park Avenue. Master Bevel ran a red light while driving northbound on South Goodman Street.
  • Bevel fled the scene of the crash and was arrested the next day.
  • Santa Cruz was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital; his time of death was listed as 6:28 p.m.. 

Why was this crash nominated? 

  • With through traffic lanes that are 12 feet wide or wider and a 30 mph speed limit, South Goodman Street seems like a roadway that encourages high-speed driving even though it is placed with in a space that should be safe for pedestrian travel. Strong Towns believes investigating collisions in places like this is an important component of its Crash Analysis Studio.
  • Not only was a crash report available for this collision, Bevel was arrested and detailed information about him and Santa Cruz were made available to the public. Our nominator, Lowenstein, knew Edgar Santa Cruz and carries significant knowledge of the area as a local expert who lives nearby. 

What additional information is available? 

  • A diagram to assist you with visualizing and understanding the measurements of the crash location.
  • A folder containing the speed study and processed speed data used for this session.
  • An episode of Connections with Evan Dawson from December 13, 2023 featuring panelists from the Strong Towns session, more information about Edgar Santa Cruz, and dialogue related to Rochester and its infrastructure. 

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