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  • Preston Buehrer is a professional engineer and has over a decade of engineering experience, with a focus on delivering safety-focused transportation and placemaking projects. As a project manager, he specializes in projects that integrate novel engineering approaches to solve issues of safety, mobility, and equity in the design process. Preston brings a passion for data analysis to his work, with a focus on illustrating imbalances and inequities in the transportation system. His work emphasizes the importance of creating public spaces that allow people to move safely and intuitively while also welcoming people to linger and become part of a community.
  • Evan Lowenstein is a 25-year resident of Rochester, New York. Evan has been an urban cyclist for 35 years. He has considered himself to be a safe streets advocate since earning his Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia in 1998.
  • James Dietz is the Advocacy and Policy Manager at Reconnect Rochester. In his role, James runs multiple programs, expands community outreach efforts, and leads various advocacy activities. He has worked on projects related to economic and housing justice with both the Taproot Collective and City Roots Community Land Trust. James has been fascinated by urban and downtown spaces for most of his life. He hopes to help build better transportation infrastructure within Rochester and raise awareness about traffic safety through projects like this studio.
  • Edward Erfurt is the Director of Community Action at Strong Towns. He is a trained architect and urban designer with over 20 years of public-sector and private-sector experience. Edward has a skilled eye when it comes to evaluating the safety issues posed by intersections, roads, and streets. 

What additional information is included in the attachments? 

  • Rochester Crash Presentation - PDF version of the Powerpoint from session recording
  • A copy of the slides shared by Preston Buehrer during the session
  • A copy of the session transcript
  • A copy of the speed data information 

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