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Location Description

North Avenue and its intersection with 29 Road in Grand Junction, Colorado is representative of development patterns and trends within the surrounding area. Though you can see multiple retail developments and restaurants in the area, the crash location is also nearby multiple neighborhoods and apartment complexes. The intersection is just south of Interstate 70 and just north of the I-70 Business Loop. North Avenue, or U.S. Route 6, facilitates travel to and from both I-70 and Route 50. The street networks are laid out in grids, with block sizes remaining relatively consistent in the area surrounding the collision location.

Crash Summary

  • The crash happened at this intersection at 8:53 p.m. on Sunday October 8, 2023.
  • A motorist named Trisha L. was traveling in the inner westbound lane along North Avenue, approaching 29 Road. She struck Joseph E. as he was cycling across 29 Road, a few feet outside of the east crosswalk that runs along North Avenue at this intersection.
  • Trisha had a green light and was traveling under the speed limit at the time of the collision. 
  • Joseph was not wearing a helmet; he was transported to the hospital with serious injuries after the collision happened. 

Why was this crash nominated? 

  • The through traffic lanes and dedicated turn lanes along North Avenue, in combination with the 40 mile per hour (mph) speed limit, make this a stroad environment worth analyzing and evaluating further. 
  • North Avenue is represented on the High Injury Network. 
  • Both 29 Road and North Avenue are arterials that have been receiving attention as parts of potential retrofit and interchange projects. 

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