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Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris
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Panelist List

  • Conor Semler draws on his experience in urban planning, traffic engineering, and technical research in complete streets design. Conor is highly regarded for his ability to leverage transportation design to create livable and healthy communities. His focus is on improving conditions for walking and bicycling through better evaluation and design. Conor is a national leader in the planning and design of innovative bicycle facilities. He was involved in the development of both the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide and the FHWA Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide. Conor’s experience is informed by his role in leading research, contributing to designs, and working closely with cities to continually evolve and innovate safer, more inviting bicycle facilities.
  • Diana Rooney is a local advocate for Multimodal / Active Transportation in Grand Junction. She has served for 4 years on the City's Urban Trails Committee, including 3 years as Chair and Vice Chair. Diana has been particularly involved with the City's annual Active Traffic Counts effort and has advised on the recently adopted Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan and Transportation Engineering Design Standards. Professionally, Diana is a licensed Civil Engineer engaged in urban development, street improvement projects, and transportation projects.
  • Henry Brown is a Mobility Planner with the City of Grand Junction; he nominated this crash for our review, helped us gather information and resources for the session, and opted to participate as a local expert. Henry wants to make guests and residents safer while practicing sustainable travel around the city. Henry was drawn to Grand Junction because of its easy access to camping, hiking, and skiing. He's also impressed by the local arts and cultural scene. Henry is passionate about data driven insights and also has some professional background in product design.
  • Chuck Marohn is the president and founder of Strong Towns, a civil engineer and author of the book Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town. He developed the initial idea for the Crash Analysis Studio.

What additional information is included in the attachments? 

  • Grand Junction Crash Presentation - PDFs of the Powerpoint from session recording
  • A copy of the session transcript
  • A copy of the speed data information 

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