End Parking Mandates and Subsidies - Success Stories

John Pattison
John Pattison
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These success stories will help you learn how to advocate for the elimination of parking minimums in your town or city.

Announcing a New and Improved Map of Cities That Have Removed Parking Minimums

We’re relaunching our crowd-sourced map of cities in the U.S. and Canada that have ended or sharply curtailed their parking requirements. And it's more useful than ever.

A New Way to Look at Minimum Parking Requirements

Strong Towns and the Parking Reform Network have joined forces to bring you a whole new way of viewing reforms to parking minimums across North America.

"Parking minimums are costing your city. For a way forward, look to Edmonton."

Learn how Edmonton, Alberta, successfully advocated for the removal of parking minimums citywide. Be sure to also check out this earlier article about Edmonton's journey to parking minimum removal and this webcast led by the folks in Edmonton who made this change happen.

"Why Parking Minimums Almost Destroyed My Hometown and How We Repealed Them"

Sandpoint, Idaho, was spending money they didn't have on parking they didn't need. But local leaders stepped up to remove parking minimums and change the city's trajectory. Don't miss this podcast interview with Strong Towns Board member John Reuter about Sandpoint's progress on removing minimums, too.

"Parking Benefit Districts"

Abstract: Where curb parking is overcrowded, drivers who are searching for a rare open curb space congest traffic, pollute the air, and produce carbon dioxide. To avoid these problems, some cities have established Parking Benefit Districts that charge market prices for curb parking and spend the revenue to pay for public services on the metered blocks. A case study of Manhattan’s Upper West Side found that charging market prices for the currently unmetered curb spaces would eliminate 22 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per block per year and yield at least $1,025 per household per year to improve public services.


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