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Charles Marohn
Charles Marohn
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"One Line of Your Zoning Code Can Make a World of Difference"

Arguably, no city ordinance is more underestimated for its long term impacts than off-street parking requirements.  This article by a planning director charts the course of removing minimums in his town.

"6 Ways to Take Back Your Community from the 'Parking Void'" 

How many better uses could parking spaces be put to in your community? Here are six ideas to get you started.

"But Where Will I Park?"

If cities remove parking minimums and parking supply goes down, what happens to people who have no choice but to drive? Will there still be parking left for them? This in-depth essay answers that question and gives some solid arguments you can use to advocate for ending parking minimums in your town.

"Ending Parking Minimums: How to Make the Case with Facts and Options" 

This Strong Towns webcast features three advocates who played a big role in removing parking minimums in their town of Edmonton, Canada. Together, Ashely Salvador, Anne Stevenson, and Travis Fong pack an hour full of step-by-step advice for moving your city leadership in the direction of removing parking minimums. 

"Parking Minimums: From 101 to Taking Action"

This round-up of case studies, examples, and advice will help you take action to remove parking minimums in your town.

"3 Major Problems with Parking Minimums"

Parking minimums deplete our cities of tax revenue, hinder just about everyone who lives or does business in our communities and leave us with lots of empty, useless space. Read this essay to learn why.

"A Plan for Parking That You Can Use in Your Place"

A parking plan Strong Towns president Chuck Marohn proposed for his own town of Brainerd, Minnesota, could help you as tackle your own city's parking challenges.

A New Way to Look at Minimum Parking Requirements

Strong Towns and the Parking Reform Network have joined forces to bring you a whole new way of viewing reforms to parking minimums across North America.

Announcing a New and Improved Map of Cities That Have Removed Parking Minimums

We’re relaunching our crowd-sourced map of cities in the U.S. and Canada that have ended or sharply curtailed their parking requirements. And it's more useful than ever.

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