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John Pattison
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"How to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Your Town" 

This step-by-step list explains how public and private entities can encourage entrepreneurship in their cities.

"10 Things Small Businesses Need to Thrive"

This essential list created by an experienced entrepreneur will help your town grow a thriving small business community.

"Fine-Grained vs. Coarse-Grained Urbanism"

This article explains an important difference between fine-grained and coarse-grained types of development, which can have a big impact on whether small businesses will flourish or fail in your city.

"5 Ways to Support Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses in your Town"

These five tactics use Akron, Ohio, as a backdrop for exploring small business needs.

"Small Businesses Can Save Your Community"

When small business wins, communities win. Strong communities need a backbone of strong small businesses, and this essay explains why.

"So, You'd Like a Neighborhood Grocery Store..."

Corner grocery stores used to be the norm in neighborhoods across the country. Where have they gone and how can we get them back? Read this essay to find out.

"How Local Leaders are Collaborating to Build Resilience and Prosperity"

In this Strong Towns webcast, three local leaders from across the country discuss how they're contributing to building economic resilience in their downtowns.

"Want more local businesses in your neighborhood? Then legalize 'Accessory Commercial Units.'"

Accessory dwelling units are small cottages or add-on apartments that live on existing lots. Accessory commercial units are their business cousin, filling in the gaps in residential neighborhoods with productive local businesses.

"Stacy Mitchell: Fighting for Small Businesses and Strong Local Economies"

This podcast interview features friend of Strong Towns, Stacy Mitchell, who's the co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

"The Case for Small Commercial Space"

Small businesses won't have a chance in your town if you don't have small spaces available for them to rent. This article explains why. 

"2 Steps to Make Your Town More Welcoming to Local Business"

Take these two steps and your city will carve out a path for local businesses to thrive.


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