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John Pattison
John Pattison
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There’s no right way to discuss what Strong Towns does, and we can’t wait to hear about your unique conversation. Here are a few suggestions to help your group run smoothly and effectively, and to keep it fun over time.

Start a Project

The best way to engage the group and keep the momentum going is to start a project together. Here are a few projects you could consider:

  • Identify a few tactical urbanism projects that could work for your community, vote on them in the group, and go out and do them.
  • Identify a key area in your city and learn how to do a value-per-acre analysis on it together to show which kinds of development are most productive for your town. Share the info with your local decision makers.
  • Start a group blog where you write about how Strong Towns might work for your town. If you write a piece that you think would speak to our national audience, don’t forget to share it with us.

Host a Discussion

Discussions get the community involved and are an excellent opportunity to flesh out ideas. Here are a few discussions you could consider:

  • Share one or more of our webcasts, or one of our Curbside Chat videos, and lead a discussion on what it means for your town. Go even deeper with our free Strong Towns 101 course, which has now been taken by thousands of people around North America. In-person groups can even break out the popcorn and host a screening.
  • Host a political action campaign night (or an ongoing digital campaign) for a development project, bill, or other action that expresses the Strong Towns priorities. Be sure to keep it non-partisan and approachable to folks of all political persuasions.

As you take action in your community, we'd like to hear how it's going. Keeping in touch with Strong Towns staff helps us learn from you, know best how to support you, and gives us a chance to celebrate with you (perhaps in the form of an article or podcast on our site)!

NEXT: If you haven't yet, put your group on the Local Conversation map and have us send an email to other Strong Towns advocates in your region! Strong Towns community builder John Pattison can help with both. Contact John at


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