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John Pattison
John Pattison
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"By Any Other Name: Gentrification or Economic Exclusion?"

The things that get labeled as “gentrification” refer to a set of real, meaningful, widely held concerns, and that choice of label should never be an excuse to dismiss those concerns.

"Who Benefits From Neighborhood Improvements?"

If urbanists want a successful, lasting renaissance of inner-city neighborhoods, they should allow the people who stuck it out through the lean years a controlling stake in their neighborhoods' rebirth.

"Rough Waters: Gentrification and Cataclysmic Money"

An all-or-nothing development environment creates a built-in bias toward big actors who can weather wide market swings and are in a position to exploit them for profit.

"Calming the Waters: How to Address Both Gentrification AND Concentrated Poverty"

Overheated rhetoric and protest from all sides over neighborhood change are a reflection of the insecurity many of us feel over the future of places we love.

"The Trickle or the Fire Hose"

Most neighborhoods face a stark choice between the trickle or the fire hose: either virtually no new development or investment, or cataclysmic change that leaves a place unrecognizable. We need to get out of this destructive dichotomy.

"Two Simple Rules For Healthy Neighborhood Change"

The way we grow our cities today produces a few winners and many losers. Here's how to get back to places that serve all of us.

"What Does 'Gentrification' Really Mean?"

Everyone seems to have an opinion on gentrification. But what does the word actually mean?

"Why Are Developers Only Building Luxury Housing?"

"Developers in my city are only building luxury housing. They're not building anything that ordinary people can afford." If you’ve said this lately, or heard someone else say it, here are five possible reasons why.

"Why Does So Much High-End Redevelopment Occur in Once-Devastated Neighborhoods?"

When you make community-led, incremental redevelopment all but impossible, what you get is the wholesale reinvention of neighborhoods in somebody else’s image instead.


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