Affordable Housing - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison

"Making Room in the New Seattle (Part 1)"

A remarkably diverse coalition of activists is moving the needle in Seattle on the question of who—and what—belongs in the city’s neighborhoods. And they’ve scored two big policy victories in 2019. Is it enough?

"Making Room in the New Seattle (Part 2)"

In Seattle, policy victories tend to be long-fought and hard-won. What will it take to achieve a city that can flex, evolve, and meet its residents’ needs in a more organic way, without every change becoming an arduous political battle?

"Approaching Peak Housing Dysfunction in California"

San Bruno, California, laid out a detailed blueprint for more housing. One developer followed that blueprint. Three million dollars and three years later, the city killed his project, anyway.

"When We Make It Hard to Build, We Give Developers More Power Over Our Communities"

Making big developers “give back” to the community by running a gauntlet of concessions and fees seems like it should weaken their clout. Here’s why it actually does the opposite.

"Hey Google, Tell Me How to Make Bay Area Housing More Affordable"

Google wants to dedicate $1 billion to creating housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a big enough number to make a real dent, but will it help tackle the systemic issues driving the region’s housing crisis?

"Helping Low-Income Homeowners Become Landlords in Denver"

A pilot project in Denver aims to help low-income homeowners add accessory dwelling units to their property. If it succeeds, it will help people remain in their communities, build wealth, and deliver affordable homes to a new generation of neighbors.

Portland Housing Series (5-Part Series)

"What's the Matter with Portland?"

Questioning four common arguments about why housing is unaffordable in Portland.

"Distorting Housing Prices"

The mechanism creating inflated housing prices in cities like Portland is actually relatively simple.

"Suspicious Economics in Portland Articles"

When the issue of housing affordability comes up again and again, it is always tied to the agreed upon narrative that Portland is growing and will continue to grow, world without end. We don't buy that.

"Spiking a Rising Tide"

A fetish with density is spiking the rising tide of housing demand in cities like Portland. To make housing affordable, we have to deal with the cause of the spike.

"Difficult Choices"

Our job as Strong Towns advocates is to share our message with our friends, neighbors and others in our communities, to keep bringing the conversation back to the persistent fact that our current approach is not working financially. 

"Utah's Race to Provide Affordable Housing"

Utah, like many places, has an affordable housing crisis. These five strategies can deliver solutions…for Utah and beyond.

"One Important Question About California's Housing Future"

Are we treating the symptoms of the housing crisis, or the underlying disease?


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