Incremental Housing - Success Stories

John Pattison
John Pattison
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These success stories will help you learn how to support a thriving incremental, small-scale developer community in your town or city.

"How Incremental Development Came to Miami"

Here's how today's incremental development movement came to be in Miami.

"Can a neighborhood rebuild wealth for the people who actually live there?"

Joel Dixon is an incremental developer working in Atlanta to build prosperity for families in his neighborhood (especially African Americans like him, who have often been excluded from this sort of wealth-building) through housing opportunities.

"Three Cheers for Minneapolis (The 3 is for Triplex)"

In 2018, Minneapolis took a monumental step in legalizing duplexes and triplexes on any lot in the city. Here's the story of how that significant move in the direction of incremental development came to be and why it matters.

"Who Can Afford to Invest in a Poor Neighborhood?"

This three-part series walks you through the story of a small-scale developer in St. Louis, Missouri, working to purchase and improve one modest apartment building to provide affordable housing for her neighbors.

"'Urban Acupuncture' Offers Struggling Neighborhoods a Better Future"

By fixing up one house at a time in a struggling neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, these developers are making their city stronger.


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