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John Pattison
John Pattison
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Location Description 

There is a lot to see at the intersection of Monon Trail and 86th street. You'll find dining and food options including Hardee's, Jimmy John's, Whole Foods, Taco Bell, and Chipotle. The Nora Corners shopping center is also located here and well known by locals. 

Crash Summary 

  • The collision at this intersection occurred at 8:26am on October 28, 2021.
  • A motorist struck cyclist Frank Radaker - who lost his life a result of the crash - while Frank was in the crosswalk; the motorist was traveling west.
  • The police report lists disregard of signal as the primary cause of the crash. This report also indicates that Frank Radaker was traveling north; however, local experts report that he was actually traveling south.

Why was this nominated crash selected?

  • Since the intersection is located right next to a famous trail, there must have been some expectation during design and construction that cyclists would regularly travel here. 
  • Cyclists frequently experience crash-related injuries and fatalities in Indianapolis and have been for a consistent number of years. 

What additional information is included? 

We're providing the following data to help you understand the basics of this crash: 

  • The Police Report that was filed to document the crash. Please note that some of our session panelists believe that the police report did not accurately profile the direction Frank Radaker was traveling. 
  • A diagram to help you visualize and understand the measurements of this intersection. 
  • Select screenshots illustrating some of the dangers that this intersection poses to pedestrians. 
  • A folder containing the speed study and processed speed data used in this session. 

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