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Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris
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Panelist List

  • Anthony Catania is a professionally-trained architect, urban designer, and the founder of AMC Architecture & Design, LLC. Anthony established his own practice to focus on the design of traditional urban building types and walkable urban environments. Prior to establishing AMC, Anthony worked in architecture and urban design in Washington, D.C. for seven years. He relocated his practice to the Oklahoma City area in early 2023 to better serve his clients and contribute to growth in this metro area. Anthony earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor of Humanities & Arts from Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Nancy Dosdall is a senior planner and project manager with over 35 years of experience in land use planning and entitlement. She is skilled with public engagement and finding common ground amongst stakeholders to develop community-supported plans. On a personal level, Nancy is passionate about pedestrian and bike planning. She has biked Animas View Drive many times and considers herself to be a local safety enthusiast in Durango.
  • Rich Fletcher is a longtime Durango resident, cycling coach, and cyclist who used to live on Animas View Drive years ago. He is the owner of Solo Arts, LLC and for many years was an owner and senior partner at Animas Media, LLC. Rich is an experienced director with an award winning history in the media production industry. He is also interested in events management and photography. Rich joins us today as a concerned local and community member.
  • Chuck Marohn is the president and founder of Strong Towns, a civil engineer and author of the book Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town. He developed the initial idea for the Crash Analysis Studio.

What additional information is available? 

  • Durango Crash Presentation - PDF version of the Powerpoint from session recording
  • A copy of the session's transcript
  • A copy of the speed data information

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