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Unleash the Swarm: Reviving Small-Scale Development in America’s Cities (Ebook and Series)

"Where Did All the Small Developers Go?"

We need people who will build in the places where big, corporate developers won’t. But how do we get enough small-scale developers back to make a difference?

"Paths of Greater Resistance"

Incremental development today is far from the path of least resistance. To do it, you'll need the ability to navigate dozens of regulatory barriers.

"A New Generation of Town Makers"

A cohort of small developers representing over 100 properties in poor, disinvested neighborhoods are, together, the largest developer in South Bend, IN. Can their success be replicated?

"Fixing Finance for Small-Scale Development"

For most small-scale developers, capital is a significant barrier to doing small infill projects. But that isn't because the money isn't there to be had.

"Love, Money, or Desperation"

Who is actually going to do the work of incremental development, and what will their motivations be?

"Unleash the Swarm: A New E-book on Reviving Small-Scale Development"

This new Strong Towns e-book explores what it would take to revive small-scale development as a force significant enough to shape and grow our cities.

"What does incrementalism actually mean?"

Incremental development is a key Strong Towns principle. This article explains the concept in depth.

"How to Get Started as a Small-Scale Developer"

Small-scale development projects need seven key skillsets in order to happen successfully. Take it from the author of this article, one of the co-founders of the Incremental Development Alliance.

"Incremental Doesn’t Mean Slow"

There's a misperception among many who encounter the Strong Towns movement that our advocacy for "incremental" steps means everything will happen at a snail's pace. Read this piece to understand (and share with others) why that's not the case.

"When We Make It Hard to Build, We Give Developers More Power Over Our Communities"

The more regulations and requirements your city has for anyone that wants to develop housing or commercial buildings, the more you will ensure that only those with the deepest pockets can actually do development. This article explains why.

"2 Simple Rules for Healthy Neighborhood Change"

There are two simple rules crucial for understanding a Strong Towns approach to neighborhood growth and development. Read the article to learn the rules and find out why they matter.

"Here's How to Build Wealth for Yourself and Your City at the Same Time"

In this Strong Towns webcast, we feature the stories of incremental developers doing important work in cities across the country, hosted by Incremental Development Alliance leader, Gracen Johnson.

"There Are 3 Different Kinds of Developers"

This article explores three very different kinds of developers who are likely at work in your city. It's essential reading for anyone wanting to advocate for more development or wanting to understand and push back against opposition to it.

"The Power of Growing Incrementally (5-part series)"

This five-part series is an in-depth dive into the need for incremental growth in our cities and the problems created by other models of development.

"The Spooky Wisdom of Incremental"

Can we afford to build incrementally when the problems we face are so enormous? At Strong Towns, we believe we cannot afford NOT to. This podcast explore the idea and its critiques in depth.


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