I need to cancel my recurring contributions. How do I do that?

John Pattison
John Pattison
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If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can change the contribution amount or postpone your monthly contributions by up to 12 months. You will remain a member for a full year from the time of your most recent donation. 

Option 1: https://strongtowns.donorsupport.co/

Click here to access your contribution portal using the email linked with your account. Select the monthly contribution and click “Cancel Donation” at the bottom. 


Option 2: Find your most recent receipt in your inbox and follow these steps. You should be receiving  these receipts for recurring contributions at this email address - if not, you will need to email norm@strongtowns.org for assistance.

search in your email for a message from noreply@fundraiseup.com mceclip1.png
find the link at the bottom that says "Manage my donation." mceclip2.png


Option 3: third-party donation services

If you are contributing through your employer, you will need to contact them directly to change or cancel your recurring contributions. 


Option 4: email norm@strongtowns.org 

If you have any further difficulties, email norm@strongtowns.org and he'll assist you.



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