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John Pattison
John Pattison
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"Building Tactical Resilience"

Hands-on collaboration between local government and citizens can open up opportunities for experimentation, learning, and relationship building—all essential parts of effective community resilience building.

"Using Tactical Urbanism to Promote Bikeability"

Mike Lydon of Street Plans Collaborative—and coauthor of the book Tactical Urbanism—discusses cheap, tactical ways to improve bike-friendliness in towns big and small.

"Iterating the Neighborhood: The Big Returns of Small Investments"

Conventional approaches to public investment tend to be expensive, dull, difficult (or impossible) to undo, and often divorced from the lived struggles of real people. There’s a better way.

"Small Bets"

It demonstrates in photos and words, how small-scale, incremental investments in our neighborhoods can mean big improvements in economic productivity, safety and quality of life—without a high financial risk. These are the kind of projects we should all be undertaking in our towns, whether government or citizen led. 

"The Human Side of Traffic Calming (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Disorder)"

The success of programs around the world that deliberately add disorder to public streets is a strong refutation of the U.S.’s conventional approach to street design.

"4 Permanent Impacts of Temporary Tactical Urbanism Projects"

But just what does putting up lawn chairs and chalking lines down the street actually accomplish—especially if it only lasts for a few days? The answer is: a surprising amount. 

"These Resources Will Help You Host a Pop-Up Traffic Calming Demonstration in Your Town."

Free online resources for planning and executing pop-up traffic calming demonstrations.

"Strong Towns Podcast: An Interview with Mike Lydon"

Mike Lydon of Street Plans Collaborative talks about tactical urbanism, his unique career path, and what life is like on a bike in New York City.

"A Crash Course in Tactical Urbanism (Video)"

What's tactical urbanism and how can it be applied in your town? You don't need to be an engineer or a transportation planner to do it. Watch this short video to find out more.

"Establishing a Street Design Team (Webcast)"

In this presentation, Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, coauthors of Tactical Urbanism, and Chuck Marohn, president of Strong Towns, share a simple, yet radical approach to street design: assembling a team of key people—engineers, elected officials, health professionals, and, most importantly, neighbors who travel and live on these streets. The design of safe, productive streets should be in the hands of these people and we’ll show you how.


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