Architecture - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison
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"Cognitive Comfort and Visual Clutter: Is it Time we Started Regulating Style?"

We must start adapting our architectural designs to the instincts of our species, rather than the other way around.

"Widening the Discussion about Boxy Buildings"

Many critiques of “boxy buildings” focus on aesthetics. But the big problem isn’t so much the shape as the scale.

"How to Fight Those Boxy Buildings"

A guide for making your urban spaces more fine-grained.

"The Bottom-Up Revolution is... Architects and Planners in Pursuit of a Stronger Town"

Strong Towns member Michael Smith and colleague Aaron Holverson are working to make Rockford, Illinois, a more economically resilient place.

"In Praise of Background Buildings"

Our cities need buildings that are “boring.” Here’s why.

"From Our House to 'Godshuis'"

The godshuizen of Bruges offer a strikingly beautiful example of homes designed for elderly to age in place.

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