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John Pattison
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"Ann Sussman: Why We Should Build Cities for Our Unconscious Brains" (Podcast)

Traditional architecture has evolved through millennia of trial and error to harmonize with our unconscious impulses, make us feel comfortable and encourage positive social behavior. Modernism too often throws those lessons out the window—and one architect thinks the trauma of World War I had something to do with why.

"Ann Sussman and Justin Hollander: Architecture and the Unconscious Mind" (Podcast)

Ever notice that a lot of houses look like faces? There’s a reason for that, and it’s more important to your brain than you might realize.

"Boring Buildings, Great Places"

Good urbanism can save bad architecture any day—if your goal is to create a place worth being and maintaining and belonging to.

"An Old Building Should Get A Birthday Present"

The oldest buildings in your city have endured for a reason. They’re also the ones most likely to be around long into the future. Why not show them a little love?

"Autism, PTSD, and the City"

Advancements in cognitive science are challenging how we think about urban design.

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