Tactical Urbanism - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison
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"A Temporary Street Redesign in Lawrence"

Lawrence, Kansas, a midwestern college town, took steps to increase outside space for retail and dining, to give businesses a fighting chance during the pandemic. Yet the work didn’t stop there: they continued to learn and adapt.

"Let's Do This First"

We earn the right to do big things by doing the little things well.

"This is What We Can Do Together"

Strong Towns is empowering thousands of champions for change to bring their places back to greater prosperity, little by little, through bottom-up action. Here’s what that looks like in Memphis.

"Slowing the Cars in St. Louis"

Marielle Brown is a Strong Towns member who undertook an impressive tactical urbanism project in the city of St. Louis to help make streets safer. Today, she's sharing that story.

"When Pop-Up Traffic Calming Goes Wrong (and What I Learned)"

Five lessons I learned from conducting a tactical urbanism demonstration in St. Louis.

"Small-Scale Change, Neighborhood by Neighborhood"

Austin's Neighborhood Partnering Program gives neighborhoods the tools and financial support they need to implement small-scale improvements in their community. 

"Pop-up Parklets Prove Promising"

Strong Towns member Paul Fritz recently worked with a group of residents in his town of Sebastopol, California, to construct three temporary parklets, to resounding success.

"Local Government Encourages Residents to do Tactical Urbanism (Podcast)"

Fayetteville, Arkansas, is encouraging its residents to lead traffic calming efforts.

"Yes, Your Tactical Urbanism Project Can Save Lives, Too (Podcast)"

For Austin Taylor, however, tactical urbanism meant more than creating productive places—it meant saving lives. As Austin wrote on Strong Towns, following the death of 15-year old Provo resident Caleb Lane, he and his peers at BikeWalk Provo knew they could use tactical urbanism to immediately make the street safer.


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