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John Pattison
John Pattison
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Delight Per Acre

The same design principles behind Japanese gardens can make the building of resilient and financially strong places into a joy, rather than a burden.

In Defense of Public Spaces

Public spaces are often shortchanged in government budgets. Yet they provide outsized benefits compared to how little our communities usually invest in them. Public spaces should be celebrated and protected. Here are four reasons why.

Why Aren't Parks Open at Night?

There are a multitude of reasons why someone might want to be in a park after dark, and most of them are completely safe and reasonable. So why are most parks technically "closed" at night?

Grand Parks vs. Neighborhood Parks

When we talk about parks in cities, it helps if we can classify them into two types. Grand Parks are destinations. Neighborhood Parks are the living room of the community.

The Velodrome Experiment: Can specialty parks make your city stronger?

Can we put a dollar value on parks, even though they don't pay taxes?

5 Reasons to Make Parks a Priority in Your Town

Parks aren't just pretty green space where kids can throw a ball, they're the heart of our neighborhoods, gathering places for people young and old, and could even be the site of future revolutions

Strong Towns Have Great Public Spaces

Collectively valuing all public places—and adequately supporting them—is essential to fostering livable and prosperous communities.


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