Parks and Public Spaces - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison
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Bad Benches (and Other Park Problems)

Some misguided attempts to enhance the local park in Brainerd, MN, has actually made it a worse place to be.

Guerrilla Gardening: How this Strong Towns Group Took an Incremental Approach to Creating a Park

Learn how Stronger Denton—a Denton-based, Strong Towns Local Conversation—took an incremental approach to invest in a park in downtown Denton.

Making Your Neighborhood a Better Place to Play

Morgan Leichter-Saxby—co-founder at Pop-Up Adventure Play—shares how you can create low cost, low risk places to play in your neighborhood, including how to pitch the idea to your neighbors, how to commit to an incremental approach, and how Pop-Up Adventure Play can help throughout the process.

Can Paint Help Prevent Crime in a Troubled Neighborhood Park?

Something as small as public art can help transform the public’s perception of a troubled neighborhood park. It’s a testament to the power of bottom-up, incremental change.

Cultivating Happy Accidents

Land use planning should be a means to an end — not an end in itself.

Municipal Parking Space Becomes Community Park

City councilor and Strong Towns member Andrew Rodriguez turned his city hall parking spot into a community park in Walnut, CA.

Inspired Park Project Takes Root in Shreveport

Our simple, affordable effort to improve a neighborhood park brought the whole community together.

Why greenspace is different from a park

Greenspace is not the same as a park. This example from Jersey City, NJ shows you why that's the case and how to build better parks in the process.

The problem with forcing developers to provide open space

When we force private developers to provide "open space," they typically do a mediocre job of it.

Pop-up Parklets Prove Promising

Strong Towns member Paul Fritz recently worked with a group of residents in his town of Sebastopol, CA to construct three temporary parklets, to resounding success.

A Quiet, Country Life in the Middle of the City?

Savannah, GA fulfills the desire for rural home space in a financially sound urban environment.


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