Local Government - Case Studies and Examples

John Pattison
John Pattison
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The Patient Option

The question for a city with a history of embracing the suburban experiment is now, "Where should your energies be expended?"

The Bottom-Up Revolution Is...an Interdisciplinary and Incremental Leader

Andrea Marr is an engineer, a Strong Towns member, and the mayor pro tem for Costa Mesa, CA.

Playing “Moneyball” with Your City - An Appeal to Fellow City Managers (and Other Strong Citizens)

Get on base, and our cities will start winning.

The Bottom-Up Revolution is... Saying "Yes" to Your City

City Councilor and Strong Towns member Mason Thompson is committed to making Bothell, WA, a resilient place to live.

The Bottom-Up Revolution is... Stepping Up to Run for Public Office

How do you go from seeing a problem in your city to solving it collectively, and then getting elected to city council? This advocate’s story will show you.

5 Questions Facing Local Leaders Right Now (and 5 Creative Responses)

2020 has thrown one challenge after another at our cities. Here are 5 effective strategies local leaders are using to adapt and respond.

How Local Leaders are Collaborating to Build Resilience and Prosperity

Here are three local leaders you should know. Representing both local government and the nonprofit sector, they are listening to the needs of neighbors, and taking incremental steps to make their communities more financially resilient.

A Small Town Mayor Living a Big Life

Strong Towns member Morgan Goodwin serves as mayor of Truckee, CA. In this interview, he shares the way that Strong Towns has influenced his leadership and what he loves about living in Truckee


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