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John Pattison
John Pattison

"A 5-Step Guide for Having ‘The Talk’"

Here is a five-step guide to having a successful "talk" about biking and walking with neighbors in your town.

"Our streets are an emergency situation for cyclists. Why should we fix them incrementally?"

We don’t have to choose between fixing our streets with the urgency they demand and making our cities financially strong. If we think iteratively, incrementally, and with the full force of passion, they’re the same goal.

"Why Drivers Should Support Bike Lanes"

Here are three convincing arguments for why bike lanes makes life better and easier for drivers, too.

"So Your City's Getting More Bike-Friendly. How Do You Identify the Next Best Step?"

Strong Towns advocates an incremental approach to public investments. Here's a guide to identifying what is the next small step your city should take when it comes to bike infrastructure.

“'Which Way to Your Car, Sir?'”

The assumption that everyone can and wants to drive to their destination is harmful to residents in your city. This article explains why.

"How Bike Lanes Benefit Businesses"

Business owners can often be hesitant to allow bike lanes near their stores, because they worry it will make parking and accessing the business harder for customers. Compelling evidence suggests otherwise.


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