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John Pattison
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These success stories will help you learn how to make your town or city more bike-friendly.

"A Naturally Bike-Friendly Town"

Jefferson, Indiana, offers an excellent example of how small towns can be bike-friendly, thanks to the traditional development pattern with narrow streets and compact neighborhoods.

"A 'Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper' Protected Bike Lane in Austin"

Strong Towns member and founder of Active Towns John Simmerman created this video to illustrate a simple bike lane solution in action in Austin, Texas.

"Bringing Better Streets to Topeka: You've Got to Start Somewhere"

This article explores the need for more bikeable streets in Topeka, Kansas, offering a helpful example of how to make the case for bike infrastructure in your city. Also check out this podcast with a bike advocate and Strong Towns member in Topeka.

"Building a Stronger Town Through Biking"

I Bike Rockford is a grassroots community group in Rockford, Illinois, that aims to unite all kinds of cyclists (road bikers, mountain bikers, people who bike for transportation, and people who just love bikes) to advocate for bike safety and awareness.

"An Incremental Approach to Bike Friendliness"

Here's how the town of Thomasville, Georgia, took simple, modest steps to make their community more bike-friendly by installing bike racks.

"Making Space for Mobility: 3 Policies to Expand Bicycle Parking"

Examples from Portland, Pittsburgh, and Tempe show how bike parking can be creatively incorporated into communities.


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